September 05, 2007

Cyber Cafe

It's mid-day Wednesday so you know what that means. I'm celebrating my break between shows at my favorite mid-town internet cafe. One thing I like to do when I sit down at my station is to see what other websites have been visited previously by people who used the computer before me. Today I find for the first time a need to share where the previous patron has been. The website, My Foreign is a website for "foreign ladies seeking marriage". I was looking through the ads. It's pretty eye opening. I can't imagine ever having done this to find a husband.

But didn't I, in a way when I had an ad on, years before I met Jon. Isn't that kind of the same thing? I guess it was different in the sense that on a dating website you have to pretend for the most part that you don't want to get married so you can date decent guys who have to pretend like they do want to get married so they can get into women's pants.

At least on Foreign everybody is on the same page in terms of what they want. The women want to get married and presumably the men want to marry foreign women.

Now I am insanely curious about who was using this computer before me. Other websites visited include a banking site for an Australian bank. And What does the za stand for? They also visited a website called Rentboy which is completely dirty.

Here is the scenario I've imagined. A gay Austrlian man vacationing in NYC was updating his friend's ad on the foreign bride page and then he went searching for his soul mate on two websites of questionable taste.

What scenario can you imagine?


V said...

The .za might be country code for Zambia.

Sarah said...

za is South Africa.