September 01, 2007

That Woman

I saw that woman again today. She came to see the afternoon performance of the Drowsy Chaperone. As far as I could tell she was by herself, which is not a judgement, just an observation. I felt a little bad because during the walk-in, there were two or three times when she just seemed to be hovering in my general area and I ignored her. I acted like I didn't recognize her. That does definitely make me a mean person. But isn't that a strange coincidence? I wonder if she found my website. I wonder if she's stalking me. Now that's ridiculous right? That's the kind of thinking that could drive someone crazy. Of course I don't believe she's stalking me. It's a coincidence. That's all.

1 hour later
She's just arrived at the internet cafe. She just went behind my little table to get gum from the "never been changed or cleaned" gum ball machine. But it's a coincidence. . . right?

1 comment:

AddledWriter said...

No, she actually wants to suck your blood.