July 11, 2007

Xanadu - The Reviews Are In

The reviews for Xanadu the Musical are in.

NY Times reviewer Charles Isherwood liked it but didn't love it. Overall, the review is favorable. He describes the lead Keri Butler as "heaven on wheels, and in leg warmers".

Daily News reviewer Joe Dziemianowicz liked it for the most part. I thought he gave the most honest review. He liked the parts of the show that were strong and pointed out the parts that were weak. Isherwood did that too, but Dziemianowicz did it in a more constructive way.

NY Post reviewer Clive Barnes, in his review which is not so cleverly entitled "XANADON'T", really panned the play. While I agree that this isn't the BEST thing Broadway has to offer, it certainly doesn't deserve the harsh critique Barnes wrote up for it. Sometimes I think he is mean spirited just because he can be. He reminds of Anton Ego, the food critic from Ratatouille, whose mission in life is to make it impossible for any restaurant to succeed culinarily.

And while I agree that there are some dead spots in the show, something that all three critics commented on, overall the show is very entertaining. The nights I was there, not a single person walked out with their heads hanging low. They all felt good - the way they should.


AddledWriter said...

Oh, I know of two people who did. I'm lucky the boy didn't leave me!!

AddledWriter said...

OK, I just read the Clive Barnes review. You don't know for sure if he wrote the headline. Anyway, I didn't think it was all that mean - he mentioned some positive things about the show. One quibble - "Suddenly" IS from the original movie. He should have done better research.

My problem was, the original movie, while bad, had great songs. This show even screws up the songs by trying so hard to make fun of them, and everything else. Fans of the '80s and the songs (like me) will see it, but I think it was just stoopid. Everyone has a diff opinion, of course.