July 15, 2007

McDonald Land

I mentioned earlier this month that Jon and I have joined a secret Jeopardy society. We're becoming pretty active participants and we've started submitting game boards for other members to play. That means that we've been researching and writing our own questions.

Jon is much quicker than me when it comes to submitting boards and he's written five to my one. But I started work on a second board. My third category on that board is fictional mayors. As part of my research, Jon suggested I check into a law suit that the Sydney and Marty Craft brought against McDonald's for stealing from the H.R. Puf"n'Stuff program for their McDonald's land ideas, which is what I did.

Anyway, as a result of all that Jon found this video on YouTube which I present to you here. It is definitely trippy and if you're familiar with H.R Puf'n'Stuff, you will recognize the imagery immediately.

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David said...

That is just SO not right