July 13, 2007

Daniel Radcliffe At A Chorus Line

Last night, I saw Harry Potter or rather I saw the actor who plays Harry Potter in the movies. I knew something special was going because I saw a couple of security guards standing in the back of the theater near my booth. Aside from always wearing suits, security guards very often wear devices in their ears with little coils so they can conduct discreet conversations with each other.

Daniel Radcliffe was hard to spot. He was sitting in the orchestra section on the aisle about 15 rows back. He was wearing a clever disguse - a beige painter's cap. Amazingly no one was bothering him. I heard later from an usher that a couple of girls sitting across the aisle starting giggling madly when they noticed him and tried to get an autograph but the usher discouraged them. Thank goodness. That would have started an assault of giggling girls because for whatever reason, last night, there were a lot of teenage girls seeing the show. Sometimes crowds are skewed a certain way with no explanation - people wearing red shirts; people over 50; groups of pregnant women.

With that said, he managed to maintain his anonymity throughout the show, because he didn't remove his cap until the show started. I didn't get a good look at him until the show as over. He was brought up the aisle and escorted back stage by his security guards. On his way back stage, he walked by me.

And I have to say, he looks like a regular nice kid. He's got very big eyes. He's not that tall. And he had a pleasant air about him meaning he didn't seem arrogant or spoiiled or obnoxious. In addition to his security detail (2 beefy, goodlooking English guys), he was with two adults who could have been his parents, but I don't really know who they were.

Most importantly he looked like a kid. I know there are people who think that Daniel Radcliffe is starting to look too old to play Harry Potter but when you see him in person, he looks just the right age. He looks like a teenager and I think might even look a little younger than his age.

If I were a teenager, I probably would have had the same reaction. I've never been a giggler in the face of celebrity - just people with I might really have had a chance of getting romantic.

So what's my take on Daniel Radcliffe? Leave him alone if you see him. He's a nice boy.


Sarah said...

Alls I know is he is old enough to handle playing Alan Strang. I can't wait for that to come to Broadway.

He's looking good. I liked the latest Harry film.

Chris said...

Hey! I was also at that show, sitting 2 rows directly in front of him. Your right, fine looking kid, but a lot smaller than I expected. It was nice to see people leaving him alone too.
And Sarah, I can't wait as well!
Chris in Boston