July 25, 2007

The Brooklyn Cyclones

Sunday afternoon we joined our friends at a Cyclones game. We had great seats right behind third base - practically on the field. We could put our feet up on the rail and we had a great view of the parachute ride which has been jazzed up with a fresh coat of paint.

Coney Island Parachute Jump

Pictured below is the Cyclones' mascot which we all assumed is a seagul, but we weren't sure. The mascot looks fine in the picture, but his costume was really, really filthy dirty. If I were a parent, I would be very uncomfortable letting my child touch the dirty seagul, but I probably would. I wouldn't want to be the parent who embarrassed their child by shouting out that they should stop doing what all the other children are doing - but I would have those Handiwipes ready to go as soon as he or she came back to me.

Cyclone MascotCyclone Mascot 2

This is the sculpture above the scoreboard. Jon and I assumed that the rollercoaster moved anytime a Cyclone hit a homerun but it doesn't. I guess it's just fun to look at.
Cyclones Coaster

And for the most part we had a very nice time. Just one complaint. The family next to us had a toddler with a noticebly poopy diaper. We were downwind.
A Poopy Diaper


Sarah said...

that kid looks old to still be in poopy diapers. Training pants I might understand (in which case she might have a pee accident) but isn't that girl about 3?!? Waaaaay too old to be pooping in diapers without crying and having a parent change them immediately.

These things disturb me greatly.

Valerie said...

The little girl's family came completed with five other children plus a mom and dad. The mother was holding an infant (in the bright sun with no protection I might add) who could have also been responsible for the poopy smell.