July 13, 2007

Rachel Ray

Is it just me or does Rachel Ray drive anyone else mad with her bastardized version of English?

E.V.O.O. - This is what RR calls Extra Virgin Olive Oil. But honestly. Does it take that much longer to say it than it does to abbreviate it? And could she just say at the top of her show that when she refers to oil, she is referring to Extra Virgin Olive Oil since that's the only type of oil she ever uses?

To make it even more annoying, EVOO is getting added to the dictionary - I couldn't tell you which one though. Maybe it's some dictionary of annoying invented language .

Yum-O - What is she? Six years old? She can't remember how to say Yummy.

Delish - One more syllable and she'd have the word delicious. Not cute. Not really a time saver.

Sammies - Perhaps the most annoying of her euphemisms, it's how Rachel Ray refers to sandwiches. I'm assuming that's the shortened form of the common childhood mispronunciation sammiches. Not cute.


AddledWriter said...

Is it more mature to say Yummo than Yummy?

Let's face it, you hate her because boys WANT her!!!

AddledWriter said...

sorry, i meant, more mature to say Yummy than Yummo.

Valerie said...

what do the boys want her for? does her milkshake bring the boys to the yard?

Vidiot said...

EVOO is dumb. But what's even dumber is saying, as Ray does, "EVOO - extra-virgin olive oil" every single time. Abbreviations don't work if you say the long version anyway!

And she's colossally annoying, and this boy most assuredly doesn't want her. (She's no Tina Nordstrom from "New Scandanavian Cooking" on PBS. Hell, she's no Nigella Lawson.)

jessica said...

AMEN, sister. i can't STAND RR.

Katherine Huether said...

Boys think she has spunk and personality. I don't think that's why you hate her, but a lot of men seem to have a Rachel Ray fettish.