July 07, 2007


What a nice surprise. I actually enjoyed this movie. It was surprisingly well developed and not so surprisingly it was beautifully animated.

Who knew that I could enjoy a movie about rats in a kitchen especially after reading Rats by Robert Sullivan. I was afraid that after reading his book that it would have been IMPOSSIBLE for me to suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy the movie but somehow PIXAR worked it out. The rat was cute and voiced by the personification of cuteness, comedian Patton Oswalt.

I wonder if Disney ever really listened to his stand up. I'm sure if that were the only thing on which they based choosing him, he wouldn't have gotten it because he is a dirty, dirty boy. But, like all comedians who make it as actors, he is immensely talented. In his stand up routines he portrays himself as an obsessive compulsive who loves food eating or as an eloquent person might put it, eating food. In the movie he plays a rat gourmand, obsessed with cleanliness. I like Oswalt so I'm not going to say he's a rat. He's not. But the other part doesn't seem like to much of a stretch. He was well suited for the role.

The movie is fun. Go see it. Now.

The Misanthrope has spoken.

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T.A.B. said...

What if I saw it already? Do I have to see it again?