July 20, 2007

George Takei

What a treat. I saw George Takei at Spring Awakening. Sadly, I couldn't talk to him. I was stationed at my headset booth during intermission and a crowd of about 10 people stood in front of me for the duration. They were drinking and talking, apparently unable to get over the shock of seeing some nudity at the end of act I. Over their heads I saw George Takei. I was thinking that if they hadn't been standing there, I may have been able to get his attention - made some eye contact or spoken with him even. But I couldn't. He was gone before I could finish the above thought.

Then after the show, while walking away from the theater, George Takei was four groups of people ahead of me. I tried to catch up with him but I couldn't. The crowd was too dense and moved too slowly. He broke away from the crowd at the hotel where I assume he was staying but by then, he was in a private conversation with a friend. What would have been a cool moment on a sidewalk in a crowd of people, would have been a weird and uncomfortable moment in the lobby of his hotel. You know what I mean?

If I could have spoken with him, I would have told him that I'm a big fan; that I loved him in Star Trek, that I loved his autobiography, To The Stars, which I own on audio cassette (as read by George Takei) and that I am happy his career is on the rise again.

And from what I know about him, he probably would have been receptive.

I just didn't want to chase him into a corner to tell him all that. It would have been weird.

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James Cassell said...

It's cool that you got to be that close to him at any rate.

I didn't know that you watched Star Trek.