November 29, 2004

Monday Again

Yes it's Monday again. Wahoo!!!

We should have 1 four day weekend every month. I feel great. Jon and I had a great and wonderful weekend.

Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday were spent in Cortland with Jon's family. Saturday night we had friends over to play The Game.

Sunday afternoon, we went to Central Park to play with our new digital camera. We're practicing shooting digital pictures for our trip to London. We picked a good afternoon for it because the sunset was beautiful. If you look at the pictures below, you'll see for yourself. The picture, under the below heading of pretty, was taken at Tavern on the Green. We were both enchanted by the magical effect of the small white lights on the tree. When combined with yesterday's sunset, the effect is surreal.

This first picture to the right was also taken near Tavern on the Green. I was trying to capture the animal topiaries behind this lamp but I discovered that if I tipped up the camera, I could make this eerie photo. There are many interesting street lamps in Central Park. That's another photo essay I started yesterday but for now, let's focus on yesterday's magical sky. The second photograph to the right was taken about 1/2 an hour before sunset, just when the light was beginning to turn.

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