November 22, 2004


Wasn't it Monday just last week?

It was a cool and rainy weekend. Perfect for the likes of me.

I did my ritualistic food shopping on Saturday at the local supermarket that used to employ me. I talked to one of the young women I used to work with - nice person, very bright, degree in nutrition and food preperation. "Why are you still here?", I asked her. "Because I can't find anything else and besides, I'm starting full time next week", she replied. I encourage to get out of there as soon as possible. She's worked with them through most of her adolescence and early 20's.

Shopping was as satisfying as it always is except I spent more than I usually do. The idea is that spending more money on food for the house, will save us from spending money outside of the house. I celebrated my food shopping spree by preparing a huge meal. I roasted chicken with my famous stuffing, using pita bread for the starch this time around. I made a scrumptious potato-leek soup, variation on mom's recipe and I made pasta with a sauce made from 3 different kinds of mushroom and cream. I also made a pound of pasta. Everything was so rich we couldn't possibly eat seconds.

We did spend a quiet weekend at home. Although some of it was spent out on Sunday afternoon as we cavorted at an arcade/pool hall on Steinway Street. Shoot 'em up games and driving games are a great way to play with your mate. We found one driving game that linked two machines so we could race each other through a fictitious New York City landscape. That was fun, way fun, too much fun.

We also tried a new eatery near the Astoria/Kaufman Studios called CUP. I had an GINORMOUS portobella mushroom burger which was a pile of delicious veggies on a roll accompanied by some regular ole fries and an EMONGOUS cup of coffee. A real bonus was the actual cream in the cream dispenser. It's very stylish and a nice place to go on a rainy, Sunday afternoon.

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