November 29, 2004

The Game

So, we had people over on Saturday night to play The Game (not this game). The Game was not invented by us so we don't take any credit for it. I'm not sure who was the creator but we had been planning to throw a gathering in honor of The Game for quite some time. Finally, we did.
We have the space and we have the friends.

The Game combines elements of Charades, The $20,000 Pyramid and Password. We had enough people to break up into three teams, but perhaps too many people for the game to be thoroughly enjoyable. Our party broke up about midnight which isn't bad for a Saturday night theme party.

Some of the evening's highlights include: the locust style consumption of the meat I roasted for the party as well as the the rest of the food and drink (it is good and endlessly satisfying to feed people completely); Jon and I spending 1/2 an hour explaining the rules to our friends; one of our guests doing his best impersonation of Mick Jagger for the entire minute of his turn while his team guessed every answer but the correct one; another guest performing a clue for the movie The Incredibles by pantomiming sitting and staring; my use of the word SCRUNGER to elicit the answer PLUNGER from my team (called foul by Jon) during the Password style round; various guests performing clues having to do with crack, Uranus, atrophy, President Jimmy Carter, and shitzus.

Some of our guests included LFROS, akaChris, Caren, Phil from Phil's Entertainment Spot; Sarah from Sarah's Entertainment Spot; Vidiot and a cameo by Evil Twin Theory. Those weren't are only guests either; it's just that our other friends don't have websites or journals.

If you were our guest, thank you so much for coming. If you couldn't make it, I'm sorry we missed you. If you weren't invited and feel left out, I apologize.

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