November 13, 2004

Friday Night

So, yeah. I had a bad week at work. What of it? Haven't we all? What did I do last night? I cleaned our house more than it needed to be. (What's frustrating is that I know it's clean but it still looks cluttered but att least I know it's clean). What's amazing is that I felt 2000 times better after cleaning the house. I channelled all of my anger and aggression from the week into the cleaning of the toiilet, scrubbing of the tub, repairing of the vaccuum cleaner, preparation of dinner, straightening out of the kitchen (finally putting away the plates from our party), etc. Then after an exhausting two hours of non-stop cleaning, I vegged in front of the television to watch WHAT NOT TOWEAR (extra good last night) for two hours.
Now, it's Saturday morning and the house is clean. All that remains is making the bed, cleaning last night's dishes and I no longer have a reason to procrasinate instead of looking for a new job. This Saturday belongs to me.
The most fun part of Saturday is that tonight, Jon and I are finally going to see The Incredibles. YAY!!!

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