April 04, 2007

I Am Anonymous

Last night, I saw someone from high school that I haven't seen since she graduated in 1984. I never really spoke to her when we were growing up and vice versa so it was a strange moment of non-vocal recognition. I was standing by my headset booth next to the bar when I saw her. She was wearing one of those "pay-attention-to-me-I'm-important" blue tooth devices on her ear. (No offense to anyone who uses them but you really aren't be going to use it in the theater so you might as well take it off before you come in because unless you're the president or the parent of a sick child, no one needs to get in touch with you that badly. )

And she looked her age - about 40, maybe even a little older and that made me feel good. I actually took joy in the fact that she looked her age or older than me. (Well, I like to think I look younger than I am, maybe I don't, but if you don't agree, I don't want to hear it.) I felt good until I got home and googled her. Turns out she's a tremendously successful lawyer and president of the lawyer's association where I grew up. And she's on several of those watch lists that quantify people of a certain age in a certain profession. And for the first time in a long time I felt less important than I am and embarrassed that this girl I competed with in grade school, middle school and high school is so much more professionally successful than me. I guess most people are more successful than me.

Anyway, that prompted me to conduct a google search for my maiden name to see what came up. I figured if I could google her then she might do the same (although that is ultimately egotistical to think that after seeing me people just go on and on, wondering who I am and what I'm up to). The google search turned up 35 pages of results with my maiden name. There are so many people that have my old name, that the one entry that did come up for me is lost in a sea of VG's. That's really great. I don't have to worry about people holding my blog against me.
Not that I'm going to ever write how I truly feel about anything that is really important to me.

I have secret personal blogs that you'll never find no matter how hard you search.

But I am anonymous unless you know where to look.


T.A.B. said...

I know the feeling.

ICUPN said...

You still look young, I know girls still in their 20s who look older than you.

Judy Jones said...

have you ever seen a "two a-holes" sketch on SNL? the guy usually has a bluetooth on his ear... I agree - pretty much no reason to have one on in the theater... I only use mine when DRIVING.
oh, and you DEFINITELY look younger than her - she might've taken care of her career, but you've taken care of yourSELF.