April 26, 2007

American Idol Results Show

I recorded the show because I was working and then later fast forwarded through most of it. Especially, the part with Bono.

Nobody was sent home. Which of course they didn't tell you until the last possible moment of the program because they were fund raising.

Honestly, is it necessary? Between News Corporation, Coca Cola and Ford - those three alone could wipe out hunger in most of the regions they were raising money for. Isn't it enough that we buy and read publications put out by News Corp, drink Coke and drive Mustangs? Those companies wouldn't exist without the buying American public.

You get my meaning, right?

Just let the show be the entertaining show it is without trying to extract duckets (derived from ducats) from its adoring audience. If we want to give to charity, we'll do it on our own.

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