April 25, 2007

American Idol - Six Give Back

Because American Idol is "giving back" the contestants were required to sing inspirational songs. All six constestants chose songs meant to inspire people to want to change the world in which we live from a place of misery and despair to one of happiness and charity. And in between we were shown footage of Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest touring slums in Africa. Later we were shown footage of Randy Jackson touring the distaster stricken areas of Louisiana. All of the footage was very depressing - particularly the fly covered, starving orphans in Africa.

And somehow, in spite of all that sadness, everyone was somehow able to put on a show.

Chris Richardson sang a ho-hum version of Change the World by Eric Clapton. However, I couldn't tell if Chris's blah performance was because of who he is, how he sang or if the song itself was bland.

Melinda sang a real pretty song that I never heard before but it was real pretty and she sang it real well. In my opinion it was the best performance of the evening.

Blake Lewis sang Imagine. And I tried to imagine that the song was more exciting than it was. I kept waiting for him to break out into his beatbox routine and to make the song more exciting that it was. But I guess that he would have been blaspheming John Lennon somehow had he done that.

I didn't believe that Lakisha believed in her ability to belt out "I Believe". She was accused by judges of screaming through most of the song. There's that pesky technique thing again. I believe in her ability to improve. I just wish she had a better coach because I'm afraid she is going to blow out her voice before American Idol is over.

Phil Stacey was so boring it was like watching paint dry or water boil when he sang a really dull Garth Brooks ballad. He was able to work some kind of magic on the judges though because they thought he sounded good and that he's finally coming into his own. I still can't believe that Gina Glocksen went home before this guy.

Jordin Sparks closed the show with "You'll Never Walk Alone". Yes. I agree that she was emotionally connected to the song and that she's entertaining to watch but it sounded to me like she was shouting even more than Lakisha was, an observation NOT made by the judges. The judges thought it was the best American Idol performance ever. I have to disagree. She was shouting. But sometimes I get the feeling that the judges really, really, really, really want America to pick Jordin as the A-number-one Idol.

I predict that Blake, Lakisha and Phil will be in the bottom three tonight and sadly, I predict that either Blake or Lakisha will be going home. Phil has at least one more week in him. If he doesn't go home tonight, which I doubt will happen, he'll be going home next week.

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