April 25, 2007

Grey Gardens - Again

Grey Gardens Marquis I'm working at Grey Gardens again this week. It's still just as good as ever. Actually, I think it might be a little better. I've noticed subtle changes in the various performers since the last time I worked the show which was about a month ago. Tony voters are out and about, getting their last looks at new shows and revivials that will make up the Tony nominees in a couple of weeks or so. Lots of shows have been tweeked or fine tuned for the occassion. The dramatic pauses are a 1/2 second longers. The knowing glances are a little bit more knowing. You get the idea.

It's been a while since I've spotted any celebrities. Today, I spotted Bruce Vilanch watching the show from fourth orchestra. I found out from a random patron that he recently performed in Hairspray as Edna Turnblatt. That random patron also mentioned that he was very funny in the part. But I don't know. I saw Harvey Fierstein do it and he was great. I can't imagine anyone else doing the part better (with the exception fo Divine of course, who didn't have to sing and dance in the John Waters movie, I might add). It's a shame they tapped John Travolta for the movie version of the musical version of Hairspray. Fierstein would have been just fine and I'm sure Travolta won't be as funny.

Yesterday, walking down the street, passed by Roger Rees, who has been in a lot of plays and movies. I only know him from Men In Tights. He played the Sheriff of Rotingham. He looks amazingly sexy for someone born in 1944. Amazingly. Very handsome man.

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Sarah said...

I'm still kind of upset about this new Hairspray movie. I love the original so much. And no one will ever be Divine.

I haven't seen Grey Gardens in a few weeks. I miss it. I'm sure I find some time to go in May.