June 15, 2008

Those Dagnab Neighbors

The neighbors skipped past talking to us and talking to the super and complained directly to the our building management about all the "noise we're making". The super informed us today that they called in a complaint this week and requested we get carpeting. But they did not make the request in writing, which is basically like NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL. Until they complain in writing, we don't have to do anything but once they do, we have to comply and get carpeting.

I asked the super if they were aware of this and he was pretty sure that they didn't. According to the super we have the right to talk to each other in our apartment. He also advised us not to do anything yet and just wait and see if there are any more complaints. I asked him if I could complain about the cigarette smoke that rises up out of their apartment and into our open windows. He shrugged and laughed because obviously I can't complain about that. But I would if I could.

He was upset that they didn't speak to us or even to him before bothering management. They really should have tried speaking to us first. Don't you think?


Howie said...

yes. absolutely. you folks are pretty reasonable.

AddledWriter said...

Is the smoke coming from the neighbors, or from outside?

Anyway, maybe you have to find a way to break the ice with your neighbor. Without getting into an argument. Not really, I know. Hmmm, leave them a cake or something.

I like your new neckless monster, by the way.

V said...

I wouldn't mind speaking to them but they clearly are not interested in doing that as they went directly to the management company. Anything we do now in terms of speaking to them directly would be confrontational.

AddledWriter said...

Yeah, that is a problem. Maybe try to get on their good side somehow? If they KNEW you, they wouldn't be able to complain about you so much.