June 06, 2008

Stuff and Things

Too Much Information
Yesterday morning, I was playing a game online called QWERTY on Pogo.com. It's a bastardization of Scrabble. One of the nice features of Pogo games is that you can chat with your opponents. My conversation started slow with questions about my age and where I lived. My opponent shared her location, her age and then she started sharing incredibly weird and personal information. Apparently, she makes her husband sit down and pee and told me he [cleans himself] like a good girl. Then she told me he likes to wear her underwear. So I told her he wasn't that unusual, that lots of men wear women's underwear which is true. She must have seen that as some sort of challenge because then she proceeded to tell me that he likes to wear tube tops, that her beautician friend had just given him a shag haircut, that he likes to wear makeup and that she had just bought him a pair of high heels. I finished our game and politely bowed out for fear of learning something about her husband beyond his benign cross dressing habits. I wasn't freaked by the description of his behavior as much as she relished in telling me about it as if she were humiliating him by sharing this information. Blech.

Camera Saga
The repair center in Laredo, TX sent my repaired camera to the wrong person at the wrong address. It took me 15 minutes on the phone this morning to figure out what happened to my camera and get the situation rectified. Hopefully, we'll have that by next week because I really miss my camera. I still have my backup which takes beautiful pictures. The battery dies so quickly though. I took 15 pictures this morning and the battery already needs to be recharged.

Jon and I visited our parents in Cortland this last week. The visit was lovely. My in-laws have a really amazing new dog. She's the smartest dog ever and I could see her participating in agility races or bringing joy to people as a therapy dog. In either capacity she would do very well. Maybe she could do both. They should enroll in dog college or something - that's how bright she is. The commute home was brutal. Our home bound bus was an hour late picking us up and took hours and hours to get us back to New York. We always seem to get stuck at the Lincoln Tunnel whenever we make a trip like this. We could have flown to England in the amount of time it took us from start to finish.

I sold another monster this morning to a lovely lady in the U.K. With that sale Vexillia officially has gone international. The monster in question was named Mlurp. And this morning I added three more listings to my Etsy site.

Haymaker and Little Haymaker were made especially for Father's Day.
Haymaker and Son 2
Clyde has a secret penchant for torturing flying roaches.
Clyde Face

Broop has a big head and a little body.
Broop Face


Howie said...

Re: Too Much Information-, so are you going to make plans to meet this girl? she sounds interesting. she could become your new best friend. remember, don't judge a book by its cover-except in this case.
Re: camera saga: yea, those folks in laredo tend to be a few cans short of a six-pack. talk to my wife about the camera i bought her-thats a great deal.
re: cortland and the dog: come on, is she really the smartest dog ever? of all the dogs that have lived, how can you possibly say she is the smartest dog ever? dog college? now, you are starting to worry me.
Re: monsters: do you ever wonder if the people who buy your altered socks ever change the name that you gave them?
hey, you have a nice weekend and don't be afraid to call us every now and then.

AddledWriter said...

That Howie, he is funny! Hubby, just so you know, I mentioned to Ms. Misanthrope that I would call her this weekend. So no worries.

And congrats on the Monsters!!! That is so cool that doing one has led to more...I haven't checked your blog in a few days and there are some really beautiful new editions. I love the striped one.

Too bad about the camera - agh, so much incompetence out there!

Congrats about keep the weight off! That is awfully hard during & after a vacation. I remember my struggles in Hawaii when we had the breakfast buffet every day and I wanted to stick to my wedding weight...I would run in hotel gym every morning and then we'd go to brunch.

Talk to you soon!