June 28, 2008


Hot, hazy and humid weather plagues us. Hopefully, tomorrow's rains will clear the air and next week we will enjoy nicer weather.

I have not been bike riding - mostly because of laziness, sometimes because of nervousness.

But I went out twice this week, both times with Jon. On Wednesday we rode all the way to Flushing Meadow Park. We stopped to rest at the Unisphere and while I was drinking some water I spotted a red tail hawk. It was perched on the branch of a tree located next to the entrance to the Queens Museum of Art. That was cool. Apparently, there is a pair nesting in the Unisphere.

Today, I'm working my last show of the week at In The Heights.

I've been lucky with my work schedule. Last week, right after the Tony's, I worked at Gypsy. Patti Lupone, Laura Benanti and Boyd Gaines all won awards for playing, Mamma Rose, Gypsy Rose Lee and Herbie respectively. When Patti Lupone made her entrance on Tuesday night within the first five minutes of the show, she received a standing ovation. She broke character for one second, bowed quickly to the audience and then said, "Save your energy." I know breaking character is bad, but she had to do something. It's a three hour show, and unions demand overtime if show runs long. It worked. Everyone sat down and the show continued.

This week, I've been working at In The Heights, which won awards for Best Musical, Best Choreography, Best Original Score and Best Orchestration. All the awards are well deserved. I wasn't particularly surprised that this show won for Best New Musical because it is. It's been selling out since before the Tony's. It's the hot ticket to get - all discounts have been discontinued. But I bet if you wait a few months (the show is not going anywhere) you'll be able to see the show at a discount. Tickets cost $122 for orchestra. If you're got the money go for it, but if not, just wait.

Next week, I'm working at Passing Strange which won a Tony award for Best Book of a Musical. I really, really like this show. And I also recommend this one.

Go see a Broadway show this summer.

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