June 24, 2008

New Monsters

HipHop looks like a bunny but surely he is not. He doesn't have a white fluffy tail. And he is missing a bunny's characteristic whiskers and pink nose. However, his monster genus has the same origins as a bunny. That's why they look so similar. HipHop likes carrots and is fiercely protective of whoever is taking care of him.

This is Pfli. He's a social monster which is why he is hanging out with the other monsters pictured. Although he is pink, he is very much a boy in that he likes to get into trouble - on purpose. We caught him rearranging the shirts in my dresser right after we caught him in the bathroom unrolling all the toilet paper.


Howie said...

sounds like Pfli is trying to tell you something about how you arrange your shirts-you don't know what you are doing and maybe you should consider hanging your shirts. nothing wrong with unrolling toilet paper. my nephew used to be into that before he was potty-trained. what does hiphop like to do with the carrots?

AddledWriter said...

Preeetty colors!

Danielle said...

I like HipHop's pants a lot. Also the monsters look so cute all gathered together. I love them!