May 17, 2008

Progress Apartment Citizen Kane

We've made some real progress. 85% of our books are up on the shelves. 100% of our clothing is in put away. And the living room is pretty much set give or take some odds and ends that still need homes.

I haven't really tackled the kitchen yet. Although I managed to get a lot of things up on shelves and in closets, those things still have to be organized. But I'm not feeling too motivated to organize the kitchen because I don't really have my stove yet.

On Thursday night, while Jon was at work, I finally watched Citizen Kane all the way through. This was at least the 15th time I tried to watched it. All other 14 times, I just couldn't get through it. Maybe I wasn't ready. I still don't understand why it's considered the best movie ever made on mostly everybody's best movie list, but I get why it's a good movie. It's still overrated though, in my opinion.

I have a friend who stayed up all night once watching the movie over and over. He came out the other end of that experience understanding why the movie is considered the best by many. I'm not there yet.


AddledWriter said...

I see you've made five sales!!! You're getting popular!! Congrats!

I tried to watch Citizen Kane years ago. Maybe someday I'll try again.

Anonymous said...

Roger Ebert's commentary on the DVD is very good at unpacking all that's going on.

T.A.B. said...

I watched Citizen Kane as part of a film class in college. I think that helped contribute to my appreciation of it.