May 10, 2008

A Good Day

I got a lot done today, mostly cleaning. Jon and I moved a bunch of kitchen over to the new place and some coats. We also started moving the book collection. Technically, moving isn't allowed on weekends, so we're trying to be really incognito by using a shopping cart.

Tomorrow, I'd like to go shopping. Turns out I need to buy curtains for the many windows we now have. Isn't that a trip? There are three windows in the bedroom. I also need to get a new bathroom set. Our toilet seat cover is so stretched out it's always falling off the toilet seat and the rug has seen better days. Oh. And we're getting rid of our old clunky couch. So, we'll probably go to Raymour and Flannigan to get a new one.

I was excited to discover that the room we want to use as an office/guestroom is already cable ready. But I'm not sure how that works.

The way we have it set up now, both the internet and cable come through the same little device that splits the service between our television and our computer. I guess I'll learn when the cable guy hooks us up on Friday.

Do you guys know if we need to set up separate internet service for that room?

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T.A.B. said...

You should only need one Internet connection for the whole apartment. Then, you'd set up wireless routers and receivers to transmit the signal.