May 15, 2008

Moving Day

Today is moving day - again. I say that because we've been moving every day this week. The difference today is that once we're done, we'll be done for good.

Even though 80 per cent of our belongings our in the new place; even though I have been actively participating in getting the stuff over there; even though I already set up my kitchen, I still have a hard time believing that we're moving.

I have lived in this apartment building for 12 years. The studio where I used to live was the first place I could call my own. My parents had to co-sign the lease. In that time, I have encouraged several friends to come and live in this building, making this building feel more like a home for Jon and me. Granted we're only going across the street and our friends can visit us anytime they like but still. It's almost like we're breaking some kind of secret allegiance by no longer living in the "sitcom" building.

And now today is our final push. Our last day of truly hard work before we turn in our keys to the management company.

I'm not going to have internet until tomorrow but as soon as I do, I'll let you know how it went. After I check my email and play Scrabulous of course.

1 comment:

Howie said...

yes, once you are done, you are done for good............until the next time you move.