May 05, 2008

Movin' On Up

We've had some good luck and found a great 2 bedroom apartment across the street from where we currently live. The apartment is amazing. It's clean. It's bright. It's on the fourth floor and in the back of the building, far away from the noisy street which plagues us with its car alarms and chatty smokers who like to chat and smoke under our window. The apartment is in a building with an elevator and a laundry room. There's a window in the bathroom which is really important to me. There are two air conditioners already installed in the bedrooms, that come with the apartment.

The best part is that it's across the street which means we don't have to rent a van or hire movers.

We got really lucky with this one.


Howie said...


Eric said...

Yay Astoria!!

T.A.B. said...

Sweet. Good luck with that.