May 05, 2008

My Wedding Dress

Jon and I visited my parents yesterday because we didn't want to miss them for Mother's Day. Originally, we'd planned to go upstate to visit my in-laws for Mother's day weekend which meant that we wouldn't be able to see my folks. We didn't know that we'd have to move in to our new place so quickly. So we had to cancel those plans. We'll basically be moving for the next 10 days or so.

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to try on my wedding dress. So I did. And it was cool, because I lost weight and now my wedding dress which fit snuggly on the day of my wedding is now way too big. I was swimming in it.

That was fun.


AddledWriter said...

Let us know if you need help!!! CONGRATS!!!

AddledWriter said...

oh, i meant, if you need our help regarding the move - guess i posted in the wrong place. well, can't help you with the wedding dress, but congrats on that too. ;)