April 04, 2008

We're Still Here

I'm still here. I've been playing catchup with our lives. I did a major food shopping yesterday and then I had some plumbing problems both literally and figuratively that needed to be resolved.

Our building super helped resolve our literal plumbing problem. And I have to visit the doctor for my figurative plumbing problem - a little leftover from our vacation. I may do laundry today depending on the weather. I still have to sort through over 500 pictures to see what anyone would care to see from our trip. There are some good shots but believe me when I tell you they are not all gems.

I will start with our trip to the Arenal volcano and go from there.


Howie said...

well, good luck with your figurative plumbing problem. by the way, that almost qualifies as tmi.

AddledWriter said...

Wow, this Howie guy is very sweet.

Welcome back!

Sarah said...

looking forward to the pictures!

Also, wondering about the origins of the name Vexillia. Hope things are going well with the sales :)