April 18, 2008

Another Mother's Day set

It's a compulsion now. I have to make at least one monster a day if not two. Usually I finish a monster I started the day before, make a complete one and then start a new project. That's pretty good right? And that's with all the other things I do during day which aren't grand, I grant you but still. Dishes, errands, household chores, a few hours of work at night - I'm feeling productive these days.

With that said, here is another set for Mother's Day. The small doll is Poof and the big one if Poof's Mamma. They are availble together and separately at Vexillia, my Etsy shop.

1 comment:

Howie said...

yes, it certainly is a compulsion.........and you shpuld get professional help, but i mean that in a kind and sincere way.