April 10, 2008

First Spring Bike Ride

Jon and I went our first bike ride of the spring. It was beautiful this morning but a little cool. I started out wearing a sweater and a hat. Jon smartly wore shorts and a t-shirt. I ended up getting so warm, I stripped down to my t-shirt. The ride was tough. There is this hill at 23rd Avenue and 91st street in Queens that gets me every time. I am constantly struggling to ride up that hill. Today I almost threw up when I got to the top of it. It took me about 10 minutes to recover but recover I did and I made it home in one piece. We rode a little over 10 miles today.

1 comment:

Howie said...

when you say "first spring bike ride," are you implying that there will be more?
interesting contrast between the two pictures. did you sneak into a telephone booth like superman to change your clothes? come to think of it, do telephone booths even exist anymore?