April 11, 2008


I went for a long walk this morning because yesterday, after our bike ride I spent 9 hours making Ralph. He ended up being very labor intensive because I decided he should have bumps on his back, like a dragon but not quite.

On my walk I picked up a ton of supplies from the local cheapie stores. I really like working with plush socks but the 99 cents stores are running out of their supplies - being springtime and all. If I hadn't had to pee so badly, I probably would have purchased more. I'll have to go back on Sunday to this one store that had a substantial inventory of cheap plush socks.

Anyway - this is Ralph. And if you're interested in making Ralph part of your family, visit my etsy site here.


Howie said...

yea, he is adorable. didn't the store have a bathroom? you really had to run all the way home to do number one? you couldn't find somewhere near by to pee? thats awful. what do you do with these creatures when you done crafting them? i wish i knew you were into this stuff because i just tossed a bunch of old socks a few weeks back.

V said...

I'm trying to see these creations on ETSY.com. I have a shop there called Vexillia.