April 22, 2008


The story about the polygamist sect in Texas continues to be interesting. To figure out the custody of the 400 or so children that were removed from the sect's property, they are all going to be DNA tested.

I hope there are many more news hours and TV documentaries dedicated to this story.

But what is the point of the DNA testing? Why don't they just ask the kids who their parents are? Those kids are probably completely without guile.

Wouldn't it be interesting to be the foster family for one of those kids? It would be like having someone from the past in your house because they've lived their lives for the most part without modern distractions like televisions and I-pods. Cool, right? And you could turn these kids on to SO many things while they were staying with you - like Bugs Bunny cartoons or the internet or McDonald's (goodness forbid).

I think when they weren't crying about missing their many, many mothers and siblings (oh, I get the DNA thing now) they would be very pleasant to have around.

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