January 29, 2008

Online Jeopardy Contestant Test - Part II

  1. I found an unofficial transcript of the test online and determined that I answered 30 out of 50 questions correctly.
  2. Since I posted this I've edited out any answers that would allow people to prepare in advance for the next two tests just in case the test for Mountain and Pacific are the same as the East coast. I did this because a lot of people have been googling around for the test and it's only fair that they have as little advantage as the East coast people did.
  3. I'll post a link to the unofficial transcript when the test is finished.
I guess I did okay on the test. Not as good as some but maybe better than others. I probably finished somwhere right in the middle.

There I things I just didn't know, like the country where a famous politician's alleged cousin speaks out against the government or the name of a particular Shakespeare play or the name of a rap artist who won a bunch of awards. I left all three of those answers blank.

There are things I forgot which make me want to kick myself like who created an important artwork in the MOMA, a state capital and an international capital. I knew all three of those answers but went completely blank.

And then there are the one or two answers that I just got plain wrong. For example it was what's his face and not BLANK who directed a recent film. I guessed an architect instead of a furniture designer as someone who desiged a significant piece of furniture. And I totally blew the Sherlock Holmes question.

Then there are things I DID know.

I knew the answers to the questions relating to American politics; the four letter word that means a certain kind of horse; the author of two ancient literary works; someone who recently won a Tony for best actress; an important Oscar winner; and a few others that really surprised me.

After discussing my answers with the two people whose intelligence I admire most in the world, I think I stand as good a chance as anybody else that took the test tonight of getting a personal audition.

Taking the test was exciting. You should definitely sign up to take it. There are more online tests coming up for the Mountain and Pacific time zones. There is no reason why you can't take them.

As a matter of fact, here is what it says on the Jeopardy website. " We strongly encourage you to take the test in your own time zone. However, you may take the test on another night depending on the demands of your schedule. Remember: you may only log in and take the test once. Subsequent attempts will result in disqualification".

Just be mindful of the time difference when signing in.


Anonymous said...

any tips on finding that transcript?

the big wags said...

Can you please put up that transcript? I'm sure a lot of people would love to see it, myself included.

AddledWriter said...

Good luck, v!!!