January 08, 2008

A Beautiful Day

YawnDear Reader: If you are not interested in the mundane details of my daily life, then you might find this post a little boring. Consider yourself warned.
The weather is unseasonably warm and wonderful. Yesterday, it was so lovely that I walked from my dermatologist's office on 86th down to Columbus Circle where I visited the Time Warner Center. On the way down, I ran into a friend I hadn't seen a very long time (hi friend!) and learned he's doing very well after getting a well deserved promotion about a year ago. Once I arrived at the Time Warner Center, I went up to Borders Books to say hi to a friend (hi friend!) that works there. Then I went downstairs to Wholefoods to find some golden beets and red beets.

When I got home, I stuck my beets in the oven for some slow roasting and started preparing lunch. Along with the beets I'd also bought a pound of shelled and de-veined shrimp which I sauteed in (I can't believe I'm telling you this) Mazola non-stick butter flavored spray. I also made some pasta as a side dish. It was great lunch.

I kind of phoned it in for dinner. For dinner I steamed broccoli, prepared some brown rice and cooked up a lite Hillshire Farm sausage. Even though it was low-fat it still contained quite a bit of fat. 4 oz. of that sausage used up 4 of my 5 fat counts for the day. Fortunately I hadn't had any fat during the day so that was okay.

With regard to my diet, I'm down 16 pounds and I'm seeing the doctor on Thursday. Depending the results, I may divulge more specific information about my weight loss, including my starting weight and body fat percentage.

That's all for now.


Vidiot said...

Have you ever cooked beet greens? I discovered a recipe for sauteed light greens in The Best Recipe, and now I look for the very leafiest beets I can find. Yum.

Howie said...

hi friend, sounds like fun to me.