January 30, 2008

Notorious New Jersey:100 True Tales of Murders and Mobsters, Scandals and Scoundrels

Notorious New Jersey” by Jon Blackwell is the defininitive guide to murder, mayhem, the mob, and corruption in the Garden State. With tabloid punch, Jon Blackwell tells riveting accounts of Alexander Hamilton falling mortally wounded on the dueling grounds of Weehawken; Dutch Schultz getting pumped full of lead in the men’s room of the Palace Chop House in Newark; and a gang of Islamic terrorists in Jersey City mixing the witch’s brew of explosives that became the first bomb to the rock the World Trade Center.

Blackwell also sheds light on some historical whodunits - was Bruno Hauptmann really guilty of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby? Who was behind the anthrax attacks of 2001? Not forgotten either are notorious characters who may actually be innocent, including Hurricane Carter.
Through 100 historic true crime tales that span over 300 years of history, Blackwell shows readers a side of New Jersey that would make even the Sopranos shudder.

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AddledWriter said...

Yes, that is quite a book. Everyone should buy it!