January 12, 2008

Nutritionist Update

food1I promised you an update from the nutritionist and an update is what you'll get. I weighed in. And I was disappointed with the results. Even though the doctor said the results were good. I almost lost 4 pounds since my last visit. Almost. Not quite a full four. Which means I've lost almost 16 pounds since I started with her in October.

My personal goal for the month was 5 pounds. But I didn't quite get there. I know I should be happy that my weight continues to decrease; that by BMI is now less than 30 as opposed to being more than 30; and that my body fat percentage has gone down from 43.9% to 41.5%. The nutritionist has explained to me at every session that this number takes the longest to change, that to lose body fat takes a long time. But I can't help it. My body fat percentage is supposed to between 23 and 33 per cent. At the rate I'm going, it'll take me forever to get into a healthy range.

But she says I am right on schedule and I have to listen to her. I believe when she tells me these things. But the heart wants what the heart wants and I want to be thinner now - well much thinner anyway.

It's good that I'm seeing her because she understands the psychology behind weight issues. I never thought I needed a counselor to help me with my weight but it turns out I do.

For example, I explained to her that I've been enjoying wearing my loose clothing - that I resist buying new, better fitting clothing. She advised me to stop doing this and to just wear clothes that fit, otherwise I'll have a harder time judging my body size and I might get too comfortable at the weight that I'm at.

Every issue I bring up is something that she's heard before. And she knows exactly why I'm thinking and feeling everything that I'm thinking and feeling. She knows exactly what to say to set me straight. It is so satisfying to speak with someone who knows their job that well.

If you are thinking about pursuing a weight loss program, I strongly recommend seeing this woman.

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