January 21, 2008

Amazing Race

Last night, I watched the season finale of the Amazing Race.

Fueled by adrenaline and good vibes, TK & Rachel floated onto the mat where Phil K. and the previously eliminated contestants awaited. In the end, they both said that they were most happy that their relationship grew while they were on the race without ever mentioning their joy at winning $1 million. I guess it's possible that they are more into their relationship they money but it's more likely that the news of their huge winfall hadn't yet sunk in.

It would have been satisfying to see any of the three remaining teams win. They were all inherently likeable.

Ron and Christina Hsu - the father and daughter team - were smart and worked well together. Additionally, I enjoyed watching their relationship grow. It's nice to see fathers and daugthers in healthy-ish adult relationships. Between the two of them, Christine was the stronger player. Throughout the race, she managed to pick up important words from what ever language was spoken in which ever country they were racing. And she was level headed even when her father was saying things to her that could have been construed as mean. Confidence is appealing and I'm glad I got to watch her succeed. It was inspring.

Nicholas Fulks and Donald Jarousek - the grandson and grandfather team - were intelligent and tenacious. I couldn't help but think about my own grandfather, who has long since passed away (may he rest in peace), and how much fun it would have been to have some kind of adventure with him. Unfortunately, that's more of a regretful fantasy, because with our lives the way they were, we never would have had that kind of opportunity. There always seemed to be other people getting in the way of our own one on one relationship - like my grandmother, or my cousins, or any other family member with whom I had to share my grandfather's love. Anyway, that's what I think about when I think about Nicholas and Donald.

Regarding TK and Rachel - the couple that is newly dating - they were exactly the kind of team you want to win the Amazing Race. Very often it's an annoying couple like Jennifer and Nathan who win but not this year!! This year three likeable couples made it to the end and TK and Rachel were the most likeable of the three. They had great attitudes. And they always behaved kindly to each other. They're sweet people.

Congratulations TK and Rachel. I hope you remain together and enjoy life and your great reward!!

I do wish that Kynt and Vyxsin had won because I really liked them. They were interesting and really nice to each other as well. They were just so directionally challenged. I'm sure they were fan favorites and if Amazing Race does another fan favorite show, they will certainly be included.

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