June 04, 2007

Weekend Fun

Mets Game 3We had a fun packed weekend which started with our attendance of the Mets game on Saturday.We went with a group of friends. The outing was arranged by one person and he did a good job coordinating everybody's schedules and finding seats that everyone would like. My favorite part about our seating was the view and the fact that we were completely in the shade. Even though Saturday was a warm day, the breeze from Flushing Bay and our shady seats combined their efforts to keep us cool and comfy while the Mets kicked the Diamond Back's butts.

We certainly ate our share of ball park food. Before going, I resolved that I was going to stay as close to the healthy eating we've been following. But instead I ate one hot dog with both mustard and ketchup, popcorn, crackerjacks and I even drank a beer - all in addition to the water and one pretzel I was certain would be the only concessions I consumed.

And we had fun. But the most fun moment for me had little to do with baseball and more to do with numbers. At 2:21 pm, the score of the game was 2 to 1. I thought that was soooo cool I took this picture. Do you get it? I know. It's geeky but hey. That's who I am.

Mets Game 2

After the game, we came home and hung out together. That's a very rare occurence for us because we're usually working on Saturday nights. We both took the day for the game.

I was up very early Sunday morning for an appointment. Afterwards, I treated myself to a scrumptious (yet costly) breakfast of Roumanian Steak and Eggs at the Brooklyn Diner on 57th Street. I didn't photograph the food but I did photograph my coffee cup and milk dispenser. At the Brooklyn Diner they serve your milk in a little caraffe. Isn't that cute?
Brooklyn Diner

Then I started my trek downtown to meet Jon and Tony for our afternoon activity. But first I needed to find a restroom. It was muggy out. My hair was messy and I just needed a bathroom. As I was heading down 7th Avenue, I was looking for a place where I could stop. And then I remembered the time last year that my in-laws stayed at the Sheraton on 52nd Street. It's a very busy hotel, so it's easy to just walk through the melee and use the very clean bathrooms by the conference room. So. Add that to you list of clean and publicly accessible bathrooms in New York City but don't tell anyone I told you.

I met Jon and our friend Tony later in the morning at the Baggot Inn where Tony was hosting an abbreviated version of The Drunken Smartass Olympics, a pub quiz he hosts on Wednesday at Dempsey's Pub with our friend Janet. His game was part of a bigger trivia game gathering called the Game Show Boot Camp. Tony was working in tandem with two other trivia game organizers. Participants included the winners of several game shows including Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Jeopardy among others. And guess who the big winner of the day was? That's right. It was Jon. He won every game that he played in.

As a team we won The Drunken Smartass Olympics. As individuals, Jon won Buzzer Battle, Smarty Pants and had the highest score playing fake Jeopardy. But it's not just that he won. He beat people who were 5 time Jeopardy champions and big, big winners at Millionaire.
Game Show Congress

In the spirit of tooting my own horn, I won when I played fake Jeopardy against two other contestants.
Fake Jeopardy

Jon captured this shot of my early lead. I answered this question correctly.
Fake Jeopardy Score

Afterwards, we joined up with a group from the day for dinner at Caliente Cab Co. Following dinner, Tony, Jon and I ran between the rain drops to get to the subway and then finally home where we arrived just in time to watch the second to last ever episode of the Sopranos, which I'll write about tomorrow.

As far as free time goes, I think that was the most amount of time I've ever spent playing trivia games. I had an amazing time and learned something very valuable.

We have to get Jon on a game show.


neil c. said...

It was good to be able to talk with you and Jon at the game and on the subway afterward! Congrats on all the game show victories.

AddledWriter said...

Did Jon win any money???

He should totally go on Jeopardy.

Valerie said...

he won 61,000 fake dollars at Fake jeopardy

Neil C. said...

Go buy a fake furniture set!