May 31, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

We did do stuff and things over Memorial Day Weekend, we just didn't do all of our stuff and things together. For example, Jon and I both worked on Saturday. Jon worked his usual shift at the New York Post. And I worked two incredibly busy shifts at Frost/Nixon - an excellent show with less than excellent sound.

Sunday, Jon stayed home to put the final touches on his book before sending it back to his publisher while I spent the day with my parents who were babysitting my nephew. At 3.5 years of age he is just as cute as he should be. We had a great time blowing bubbles, playing hide and go seek, and doing puzzles. What I enjoyed most was showing Ethan how to use our digital camera. He almost hasthe hang of it. It was really fun to see how excited he got as he got better at handling the camera. He just wanted to capture everything and it was hard to get him to move on to the next activity which was basically getting into a car and driving him home.

Here are some of the pictures he took.

Aunt Valerie

A Butterfly


Monday, Jon and I went for an epic bike ride, well, epic for me. We rode from Astoria to Flushing Corona Park. It was an 18 mile ride in total. And it took about three hours including breaks for water, sightseeing and a Froze Fruit. Monday night we went to dinner at my favorite local restaurant, Gowasabi, where we pigged out on Gob Dol Bibimbop. And then we had tempura ice cream.

It was a good weekend.


Walt said...

TAB is Back.

T.A.B. said...

Oh for Pete's sake, Walt. Did you write this EVERYWHERE? I wish you didn't.