May 08, 2007

Barbados Is Hot

Jon and I made it to Barbados. It's hot down here. The beach is beautiful and breezy, so as long as we're on the beach it's not so bad. We're staying at the Amaryllis Beach Resort. Our room has a view of the ocean which looks both sapphire and turquoise. Yes. The ocean is striped. I'm not kidding. Well, at least it looks that way through my sunglasses. We have been repeatedly warned about the hot caribbean sun. So, at every opportunity today I've been slathering on the 45 spf lotion we picked up at Eckerd's on Sunday. Yet, somehow, I've still managed to manufacture freckles, but thankfully without the sunburn, so far.

You will probably be amazed by this, but I've taken less than 10 pictures so far. On our walk this morning, I saw two interesting houses - two pictures. And I may have taken one of the ocean from my lounge chair. I don't remember. Maybe I was just sizing up the shot. I don't remember because my memory is shot to pieces. The last week or so, I've been having trouble remembering the silliest things. Anyway, while I'm luxuriating in this cool, air conditioned internet cafe, Jon is looking for a supermarket where we might be able to pick up some supplies. Our room has a kitchenette which is fortunate because the hotel restaurants are expensive with a capital "e".

I should be able to upload pictures at the hotel's business centre. We'll see. If not, I'll post some pictures when we get home.

Enjoy the nice spring weather. We'll be home soon.

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Chris said...

So jealous. Hope you having a fabulous time.