May 12, 2007

Barbados - Still hot

Jon and I are having a great time. We're doing so much during the day that we're going to bed early which means we're waking up early which is why I find myself using the internet at 7 in the morning. I checked my emails, looked at my friends' blogs, checked to see new comments on my flickr photos and now I'm blogging.

Yesterday, I had an amazing facial. Hydradermie by Guinot. It was the best facial, I've EVER had. I was going to get a massage and deep cleansing but instead I upgraded to the more expensive fancy facial. What's nice is since yesterday, I've discovered there is a spa very close to our apartment that does the same treatment for around the same price. Three of the Hydradermie treatments in one month are supposed to do wonders for your face. It felt good and my skin looks AMAZING.

Then we went swimming in the ocean but it was so windy that the current kept either knocking me over or pulling me ashore. So then we went swimming in the pool. I swam with my snorkeling gear on. It's long been my problem that I can't coordinate my breathing with my fourth swim stroke properly. But with the snorkel mask I can actually swim laps. I wish I could wear snorkel gear at my local pool in Queens without people looking at me like I was a freak.

Last night we went to Oistins. We were smart. Instead of spending $15.00 per person on the shuttle offered by the hotel, we took the bus for 75 cents each. The busses here are great. In Oistins we took photos of some drydocked boats waiting for repair. I feel like I got some great shots. Oistins is famous for its fishfry. So the second part of the evening we pigged out on some amazingly fresh fish. We had grilled red snapper and grilled marlin and we met some other travellers who made us feel superior because they paid $25 per person to get to the fishfry when they could have taken the bus. But they were nice.

Two days ago, we took the bus to someplace absolutely amazing. The west coast of Barbados has the most beautiful beaches with the best snorkeling. We visited Mullins Bay and snorkeled for hours. Then we spent an hour and a half getting back.

Today, we're taking a free shuttle into Bridgetown. This will be our second trip. The first trip we had two missions. One was to visit the Synagogue. The second was to find me a new bathing suit. Jon's indulging me. I want to go back for the sole purpose of taking pictures, but we might pick up some souvenirs along the way.

Tomorrow, we're booked for a catamaran cruise. Six hours. Two snorkeling stops. One lunch on the beach.

Then Monday, it's home for us. But that's okay with me, because seven days is about my limit for any vacation.


Biby Cletus said...

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Chris said...

Sounds like a fabulous vacation. Hope you come home refreshed and relaxed.