May 23, 2007

American Idol - Final Two

The final night of competition began with a scene from last week. Ryan Seacrest flipped a coin and Blake Lewis won the right to choose when he would sing - first or second. He chose first. I don't know if it would have made a difference because Jordin Sparks outsang him. Yes. I agree. He is more entertaining but his singing voice isn't as strong Jordin's. Letting Jordin go last was a mistake. The last impressions viewers got was Jordin crying after an emotional performance of the song submitted by the songwriting contest winners.

It was a crap song - just the kind of song the producers like. The singer who makes the crap original song they save for the occasion of the finale is usually the winner.

Did anyone else notice that they sang different arrangements of the song? Blake's version was a little more top 40 while the only trick missing from Jordin's arrangement was a live gospel choir backing her up. I know there are a lot of conspiracy theories regarding the producers of American Idol fixing the show so certain people will win. I don't normally subscribe to other people's paranoid fantasies but if one were arguing in a court of law that the producers of American Idol do indeed fix the show, they could offer those differing arrangements as evidence.

I think Jordin is going to win this. Swelling music and gospel musical influences are very inspiring and in this case, they will have inspired people to vote for Jordin.

I wish the final contest could have been between Jordin and Melinda. Not that I don't like Blake Lewis. I like him a lot. He's fun to watch and seems like a nice person.

But it would have been more of a contest.

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