May 20, 2007


I've finally uploaded our vacation photos and I won't bore you to death with all the details but here are some pretty pictures with brief explanations.

Frangipani grows like crazy all over the island.
The Hotel

Some other amazing flora includes this enormous snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue whose tallest leaf stood at 4.5 feet high.
The Hotel

I really, really like plants and flowers. If you are interested in seeing more pictures, you can find them by clicking on either of the above two photographs.

On our first trip to Bridgetown we visited the synagogue which claims to be the oldest in the Western hemisphere. There was a synagogue in St. Thomas that claimed to be the oldest as well, but Jon reminded me that, there, it's only under the American flag that they can say theirs is the oldest. Here are a couple of interior shots from the temple in Barbados.

The one in St. Thomas was nicer. It had sand floors. But this synagogue has an amazing old cemetery with remarkably old and cool headstones. Bridgetown

Jon took some shots of these headstones that have little illustrations that demonstrate the profession of the person buried beneath.

We walked around a bit after our visit to the synagogue. Here is a slice of life photo of a vendor selling fresh coconut water.

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Those headstones are neat.

You look very pretty in the photo of you and jon.