June 30, 2007


People are losing their minds over this new iPhone. The NY Post, as well as other news reporting agencies, have been presenting articles for days examining the iPhone craze. I do have a couple of favorite stories.

First - there's the Greg Packer story. Jon came home one night with an early edition of the next day's paper. And in it was a story about Greg Packer who was interviewed because he had already been waiting on line for one of the first iPhones available for sale later in the week. Upon review, the editors realized that Greg Packer is famous for getting quoted in newspapers and magazines and spends a significant amount of time doing it. He even has his own entry in Wikipedia. Upon realizing this, the NY Post team decided not to run any pictures or quotes from Greg Packer as they pertained to the iPhone and he did not appear in the late edition.

Second - Another Post article talked about how when the Mayor of Philadelphia was standing in line for his iPhone, passerby and Philadelphia citizen, shouted out a question about why the Mayor hadn't brought down the city's murder rate. Doesn't that make you wonder why the Mayor of Philadelphia was standing on line in the first place? Isn't he important enough that he would have people to stand on line for him? Apparently he really wanted to be one of the first people to get a new iPhone because he likes having new things. Even with a rate of 200 murders so far this year

Third - today I read something from Breitbarts about the first flood of I-Phone sales. The story covers several people who are thrilled to death to have FINALLY gotten there iPhones after the incredibly long wait. They even found people who managed to hook their laptops up to the ether (wireless internet) and activated their iPhones within minutes of getting them. But what made this one of my favorite iPhone stories was the fact that Steve Wozniak rolled up to an Apple store on his segway where waiting customers stepped aside to give him his honarary first place in line. He then bought two iPhones even though he will most likely get one for free next month. It's just an embarassment of riches, I tell ya'.

"Even Steve Wozniak, the ex-partner of Jobs, showed up at a Silicon Valley mall at 4 a.m. aboard his Segway scooter.He helped keep order in the line outside the Apple store. The other customers awarded the honorary first spot in line to Wozniak, who planned to buy two iPhones on Friday even though he remains an Apple employee and will get a free one from the company next month. He said the device would redefine cell phone design and use."

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