June 27, 2007

Who Has the Magnetron?

Jon and I saw a matinee showing of Ocean's 13. Jon had to negotiate with me to get me to go because I was reluctant to see it - specifically because Ocean's 12 was such an annoying movie. And then there was the Pacino factor. You never know what you're gonna' get with him lately, because sometimes his performances are a little bit over the top.

But he Al Pacino dialed it back a little bit for this one and gave a subtle performance without losing too much of that pinache that makes him Pacino.

Of course, you can't forget about Brad Pitt. He's hot as ever. And Casey Affleck outshined his brother yet again in as small a role as any of Ocean's original 11 could have. How can this person be related to Ben Affleck? How is it that Casey is the lesser star of the two when he has three times the talent? I don't understand. The rest of the cast are up to the task. I'm still annoyed that Don Cheadle chose to give his character a British accent because I believe it isn't necessary for the character but whatever - he's such a good actor.

If you liked the first Ocean movie but hated the second one then you'll love the third one. However, if you thought the second movie was better than the first, I can't help you. You probably won't like the third.

I recommend Ocean's 13.


AddledWriter said...

I find all of those guys a little smirky and annoying, but I'll take your word for it that this flick is good. Without seeing it!

Anonymous said...

Banks "Gold" Samsung Phone Has The Magnetron.
When he gets the call, the computer goes off.