June 10, 2007


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Last week, I worked at the Helen Hayes theater where they are running Xanadu in previews.

When I first heard that Xanadu was coming to Broadway, I was skeptical. I wondered why on earth would producers make yet another mediocre movie into yet another mediocre musical. But guess what!! It's fantastic. It works. Dare I say it? It's better than the movie.

I recommend it with all my heart. The show is entertaining, funny and full of tremendously talented people. Kerry Butler is fantastic as Clio/Kira/Tangerine. She makes singing beautifully while dancing on roller skates look effortless. And she's funny to boot.

But it's the kind of show that critics could make or break. I really hope they make it.

Go see it. Keep it alive.

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AddledWriter said...

geez, i should have read this weeks ago!