June 30, 2007

Our Love's In Jeopardy - Literally

Jon and I have discovered a wonderful website where you can play Jeopardy against some really smart people. And we just really love it.

The community that set up and maintains the game site has done a good job of recreating the Jeopardy experience including the frustration of competitive buzzing for a turn to answer correctly. But Jon and I are working that out.

In fact, the first game I played, I won, with some luck. I've watched some of the other games and if I had played those I would certainly have lost but I got lucky with some familiar categories (which I don't even remember right now) and managed to pull ahead.

I consider it a great stroke of luck that the final Jeopardy question had to do with planets. This questions I remember as it mentioned three moons and asked to which planet they belonged. I had a vague memory of the names of Uranus's moons and sure enough that was the correct answer or question rather.

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