July 28, 2006

You Can't Over Love Your Underwear

So. I was watching a rerun of Charmed (Episode #67 from Season 4) on TNT this morning and this commercial came up.

It's the Fruit of the Loom Guys singing their hit You Can't Over Love Your Underwear.

Here's the link.

And if you don't feel like linking are the genius lyrics.

Daddy wears his T-shirt in the cool Kentucky rain.
While a boy in pure white briefs looks out the foggy window pane
Even though his hamster died he finds comfort and this I swear.
You can't over love your underwear
'Cause comfort ain't just found in teddy bears
There's no labels hanging anywhere
You can't ever over love, over love your underwear.

And now Jon and I are going bike riding.

See ya' later alligator.

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