July 17, 2006

A Day At The Beach

SeaweedJon and I went to Long Beach this weekend to visit my parents who live near the beach. My mother and I woke up early Sunday morning and around 7:30 we walked over to the bagel store. By the time we got home the temperature had already reached about 80 degrees.

After breakfast my mom joined us for a short visit to the beach. We set up camp and headed into the water which was wet and cold at first. We splashed around a bit then I set up a chair right at the water's edge and spaced out for a while. Jon broke my reverie by taunting me with seaweed.

It was hot. Very hot. Extremely hot.

My mom and I did our best to avoid getting sunburnt by hiding in the shade of the beach umbrella.
Valerie Beach

Just to give you an idea of how crowded the beach was getting, here's a shot of my mom and Jon keeping cool.
Jon and Mom

And here's a shot of the beach in general.
Beach Day

StripesLater in the day we headed out to the north shore of Long Island to visit my brother. Here's Jon in the back seat of my mother's car. There's a weird shadow on his face from the rear window.

Here is my nephew looking cute as ever. He was playing with his water table and running around in the sprinkler while we all just watched him and laughed at his cute antics.
Belly Flop Champion

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