July 20, 2006

Thursday Already?!?

Is this week going by quickly or is it just me? It must be because I'm working a full part-time schedule this week as opposed to a partial part-time schedule. I was able to secure 8 shifts at Sweeney Todd, much to my happiness. Great show.

Monday, after we got home from the beach we hung out in the coolness of our air conditioned apartment because it was very, very, very hot on Monday.

That night, we went with Jonathan to The Brick Cafe for a nice dinner before moving on to our final destination for the evening. I can't say that the food sucked. I had the fettucine with shiitake mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. Jon had the black linguine with fruits de la mer and Jonathan had chicken paillard with grilled vegetables.
Brick Cafe

Then we picked up our friend Eric and headed out to The Last Exit in Brooklyn for some Monday night trivia.

We missed some key answers like the fact that Artsy Smurf wasn't the name of a real smurf and that Wild Smurf was. We missed that Oedipus solved the riddle of the sphinx and not Odysseus like I insisted. We also missed that the bartender joined S.A.G. that day. Why that was considered a trivia question still baffles me. I found it in infuriating that another one of their questions had to do with the age of the Last Exit bar. The age of the bar in which you are playing trivia is not a legitimate trivia question. Nor is asking about props that were present at the previous game.

For the most part, the Last Exit pub quiz is good fun but I HATE WHEN THEY ASK SELF REFERENTIAL QUESTIONS.

We came in third place.

Anyway. . .here is a picture of Eric and me at the bar.
Last Exit

In other exciting news Jon bought me a new bicycle today. It's a TREK 7000.

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