July 25, 2006

Sondheim Was There Tonight

The theater was more crowded than usual tonight. The tickets for Sweeney Todd are available through TDF for $29.95.

Orchestra was unusually full. I had to go upstairs and watch from the mezzanine. I was wrong about when Patti LuPone was leaving this week. She's in until Thursday and then she'll be out for three weeks doing Gypsy somewhere or the other. But there was a substitution in tonight that kept the show interesting for me.

Jessica Wright got to stand in for Diana DiMarzio as the Beggar Woman and she was wonderful. DiMarzio is so good I didn't think anybody else could do as well but I was wrong. Wright brings some thing a little different to the role. And Lauren Molina was back in tonight after a week's vacation. Not that Elisa Winter wasn't good in the role of Joanna but Molina is fantastic.

Stephen Sondheim was in the theater tonight. He sat in the back row of the orchestra section somewhere in the middle. I did not see him. Another usher told me he was there. Thought, I did see John Doyle walking around the theater with a note pad. John Doyle is the director of this production.

I wonder if Sondheim and Doyle are going to be hanging around the theater all week.

That would be cool.

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